Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence and Automation

The annual management conclave of IMI, New Delhi, Conventus’17, featured industry experts from the core domains of management and gave the students the opportunity to imbibe useful insights. With Analytics forming one of the key components of the eight summits it promised to be a highly intellectual and intuitive affair. The theme of the summit aimed at highlighting the impact of Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence and Automation in diverse fields of industry.

The speakers of the summit Paras Kaushik, Vice-President, HR, Aditya Birla Group, Peeyush Bajpai, Director, Nielson Co., Rajarshi Pandit, Co-Founder, Ank analytics, Satinder Juneja, Global Marketing Head, Kellton Tech Solutions Limited, Shashank Vaishnav, Co-Founder & CTO of and Vikramjit Singh Sahaye, Founder, TalenTECH Solutions. The Summit was moderated by the very able Mr. Arunesh Sharan, Adivsor & Consultant, EY.

“Each of us are touching the technology in some way or the other “-Arunesh Sharan as he laid ground to the summit with the esteemed speakers discussing the plethora of changes that A.I. and data analytics have already had on our lives and those that could be expected from the technological advancements. The stressing point of the summit was data coming to the forefront and replacing the intuition and gut feeling aspect of decision making. Mr. Rajarshi provided an insight on the topic of diagnosis of descriptive data to cater to the problem of attrition. With the discussion now shifting towards data analysis and organization of data, the speakers addressed the actual difficulty for the organization lies in collecting the data.

“The technology is evolving fast and it is for you, the future managers to adapt with new skills”- Peeyush Bajpai. As the world is moving and adopting more of A.I., B.I. and automation, there is definitely more jobs lost. Although there will also be a rise in harnessing new job opportunities pertaining to new technological shifts. During this wave of change that is coming our way it is important for us to turn it to our advantage and develop our skills in it. With labour force now becoming automated and manual workforce becoming obsolete, it is time we start thinking and innovating.

Companies are now targeting social media activities of prospective employees to and collect the data and analyse whether the person is a fit for the company by running through his facial expression through various software. But, with these developments comes the dark side of the topic at hand and therein privacy comes into the fray. The speakers shed light on the fact that the onus of privacy of employees are in the hands of the company and the young future managers need not worry about it. According to the speakers it is actually the privacy on which the focus of the current generation should lie.

The summit was concluded with speakers acknowledging the fact that the cycle of getting information and data has reduced. Lastly, we must ask ourselves of what skill sets do we require to be a part of the innovation since, “We believe in God, but everyone else requires data”-Satinder Juneja.

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